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Smile Re:liquidmotion Response

I guess that would work for large individual files. All I would need to do is use the installer for the little stuff, and use CopyFiles (or whatever the function is) to copy from my installation media to the destination drive. But what would you do about thousands of little dlls and hundreds and hundreds of data folders?
What if my company makes accounting and data control software for major banks. Each bank is different and requires a personalized set of dlls and a personalized installer. Nullsoft NSIS is the best because I can write a cheap, quick script and just copy it several times and change the data source using the File function. In my application suppose that the end result is say 10GB worth of system files (to be added to the destination system, application software, and a small set of "starter data".
I just was wondering if there was a quick answer to "Why?" can't I make a compiler bigger than 2 GB and why I'm getting that error even before I reach 1 GB worth of source. (And hopefully the quick answer will be more useful than, "cause it can't" and "I don't know."
Suppose also that I might want to propigate a whole WINNT directory such that in the event of a media or software failure I can quickly "reinstall" (kind of like a COMPAQ QuickRestore) the WINNT directory and be up an working again. I can see how without that limitation, so many more things can be done. NSIS might become a defacto standard of sorts in the software distribution model.
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