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Couple of comments:

Yipes - Chapter 11 reorganization translates to competative rates but will they be around a year from now. The communications heyday of 2000 - 2001 has left a surplus of under-utilized pipes. This excess supply is causing non-tier1's to cut pricing at the expense of service reliablty and customer support. In such an environment you have a lot of willing sellers. Work out multiple deals playing one against another. Find an external host for bullet-proof DNS so when you change service providers your customers may retain listenership.

Format variety - Offer WMA, Real, and perhaps Quicktime streaming services.

Website - Needs a little work as stream hosting seems just a footnote to gaming services.

Keep up the good work. The broadcast community can be merciless when it comes to service related downtime but we all wish you and other providers success as we would hardpressed to function without you.
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