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I spent some time re-reading through the thread, and I've gained some insights. I feel that I owe the community an apology.

I can't believe how so unnecessarily have I become jaded over time about the relative lack of attention my preset versions seem to gain over time. I've been very proud of my preset for a while, but I've only just now discovered that my pride was becoming a problem for me here. I thought nobody cared about my preset any more, but perhaps I've been driving people away. In any case, its okay if the preset is losing its appeal; the pride isn't worth it.

I must apologize for my complaining and rambling in the topic. After rereading through the thread, I came to realize how little weight I was giving to those who have gone to and/or posted in my topic. I didn't even realize that I was doing this until now, and it is a blunder. Really, everyone here has been the best. I can't believe how kind this community has been and how patient everyone has been through the development of Star Forge and Star Nova. Thank you very much .

I don't know if an apology really is due, but please accept it of it is . I'm sorry for being an ass to everyone .

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