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This latest version of Star Nova is entertaining me once again. I fixed a typo and made a minor change in the warp shader, and the image on the screen seems a bit sharper and more well-defined, and the colors are a bit better too. However, this version sees yet another significant change in the central waveform, more so than in the history of Star Nova and Star Forge. Now, the size of the waveform is animated to the beat of the music, and it looks much, much better. This was something I wanted to do for quite some time but didn't because I wasn't sure of the code and I thought "if it ain't broke don't fix it." Finally, the center waveform seems to be keeping up with the periphery in dynamics. And thankfully, at least as far as my eyes can see at the moment and as far as I can think the code logically operates, the updated waveform goes to the beat of the music very well and is even more melodic than the previous version.

Actually, its time for a name change. This version I dub "Symphony Nova". Really, its the most fitting name I could think of for whatever it is that I'm looking at. A nova is a star that is ejecting gas on a temporary basis, and there is a pretty good semblance to the layers within a star and the motion and mixing of the gas, in addition to the presence of a nebula-like form in the periphery (the Hubble Space telescope has captured some pretty stunning images of nebulae - so too have I for this preset ). Actually, maybe a "jawbreaker" would be even more fitting, but that sounds less lively and energetic than what I see on the screen. I digress. The "symphony" part comes in with the *hopefully* melodic arrangement and fitting form of the elements on the screen to the beat of the music. I've worked just as hard on the beat detection as I have the visuals. One cannot go without the other, otherwise the preset is no longer dynamic in appearance and we are left with a preset like most others (that are also pretty to look at, possibly more so than Symphony Nova, but relatively static and fixed in the appearance and arrangement of elements), instead of being a preset unlike any other. Unique and *hopefully* worth the look. So, cheers and *hopefully* enjoy .

And it goes without saying I hope this version is considered in winamp 5.8 .

Edit: I just realized that Symphony Nova is waaay too fast for a good bit of symphonic or orchestral music, as the name would imply it being for :/. Works good for most modern music though. Something that I'll hopefully be able to address in a later version.

Like my avatar? Check out my Synaescope preset project later on in the Star Forge topic . Nearly endless mandalesque patterns going to the energy of the music .

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