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I think I rambled again in that last post xmuzack, lol .

Harmony Nova v2 is now gud nuff' ready for release. I'll try and save the versions here for significant updates, so if there's any more development they'll be included in a v3. This latest version features an again (and again, and again...) tweaked beat code for the whole-screen changes. Maybe I finally nailed it this time for coming in for the "right" beats and not necessarily being full-throttle for all of them. Also, I've fixed a glaring problem in the warp shader and, again, *hopefully* improved its appearance, by a good margin even. In probably all the earlier versions, the uv coordinates for the center rapidly super-imposed themselves on the whole screen, destroying the detail and producing blaring colors after just a few seconds of inactivity. Now, the code seems to contrast detail and color into the image instead. ZOMG!!! I went at the screen. Problem fixed and just did what I had always wanted to do for this preset but had no idea how. Two birds one stone!

So, enough rambling. In short both the smoothness and timeliness of the whole-screen transitions and the visuals should be improved in v2 (so, I hope this latest version is considered for winamp v5.8 ).

Cheers and enjoy !

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