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I am back now...

Someone else told me once, there would be no limit for presets. I just want to be sure, that in the future the "Load"-Menue will be able to handle also with 100000 and more presets and that the visualizer itself can handle with 10000 and more textures. Also the harddrive should have enough capacity, so much, so that the user never will reach the 100%, if very much files will come onto the harddrive over the years.

"3D presets" and "3D effects" would be another very good feature, and maybe very new presets will come some day.

Yesterday I saw in the TV-journal a movie trailer together with discissions. The institute in Berlin-Adlershof had participated in the works for the movie. The Mars Animations are very impressive. I have searched for the movie "Der Marsianer" and found one on YouTube by 20th Century Fox, The Martian | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX, but this trailer has also very much other scenes, not only the "Flight Animations over the Planet Mars". I wanted to post this video here, but now I say, search for this movie and watch it directly on YouTube. Maybe You will get some inspirations, and if yes, then You can search also for terragen animations and apophysis animations...

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