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Good Sprites are also very important, if a preset uses random textures, and if videoalpha.jpg or videoalpha2.jpg is picked, and it can happen also with nearly 2300 textures in the textures folder. Both textures are unicolor and very dark, the second one is totally black. It looks, as if the preset itself would be totally blank.

I am glad about my choosen sprites with semi-transparent images, which rotate in the foreground. I take care, that the image has enough semi-transparency, if I want to use it for the neverending rotation. I prefer the Artist Logo Profile Pictures and the Album Covers for Sprites. For random textures I prefer Nature & Landscapes without humans, but also very good Digital Artwork, made with Bryce, Terragen, Apophysis, Mandelbulber etc. Some images look also fine, if cuts of them are mirrored to all 4 corners and to all 4 sides (IrfanView is good).

The website Ustream uses Video Live Broadcasts, and I found also a software for streaming, what does happen live on the desktop, similar the the screenrecorders. Oh yes, I have imagined already the prefect live performances with Winamp & Milkdrop.

I have already posted the previous version of my .txt-file in the other thread, which is in German...
I want to leave the extended version now...

I want to leave also my operating instructions for textures. I hope, they are already good, if not, then I can edit the content in my .txt-file. The administrators and moderators can use experpts of this content for a new thread just about required and random textures, and also the artists should take a look, because also they themselves can create random textures...
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