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Gday there also a user of milkdrop for over a decade and a half in the lighting / graphics ... totally get what your talking about in a sense you can achieve this with some clever folder management and file naming.

In VJ mode you have a console that allows you to navigate folders and select specific pre-sets. (in the config you can set the font sizes etc so its a bit more friendly to read )

Set the presets mode to sequential

Naming presets in an alpha or numerical order will allow you to step through presets in a predicatble way.

then you can step backwards and forwards through the desired library of effects, emails me direct if you want more details

Originally Posted by Jack Kramer View Post
I am professional lighting designer and milkdrop combined with audio input can already be useful tool, but currently when it is as far as I know impossible to preload presets to be used as cues for songs.. well little unsuitable for anything else than disco at the moment.

If milkdrop 3 would be under developement then definedly one feature i would definedly want to have in it is ability to playback presets as cues.

just like the plugin is now, just a way to to launch a specific preset via midi or dmx or something...

second thing i definedly would want it to have is virtual intensity master, controllable by midi.

so in short.. developing milkdrop to be little more professional tool-like.. i guess?

.. yeah im cheap for not wanting to spend minium of 5k to buy a proper mediaserver, which wont do exacly what i want either, but is atleast controllable.
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