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I have been in the production industry for over two decades and have seen MD progress over that time. The pre-set authors are the real heroes. If there was a mechanism to donate or commission pre-sets i would do so.

Time and time again i come back to MD as a source of dynamic / reactive vision that is integrated in to lighting and AV shows....... some of these .mlk files look a million dollars on big Scale via projectors or LED walls ETC and Fing incredible when viewed through dielectric filters (laser / fireworks glasses)

but MD is a pig to work with

Having to hand edit sprite and text config files is a nightmare(and where the real power of MD lies)

wish list for any future app

the single most sought feature i would die for is the have MD output list in my VJ apps natively Resolume / ARKAOS / Madrix ETC

the ability to treat a pre-set as a cue

GUI for text and sprite sheets (this was kind of addressed in morphyre pro)

- allow video media + key

- specify media location
- specify in
- specify effect
- specify out

each of above with drop down library of motion or fade / blend/ ETC

The ability to listen to midi / ocs / dmx (basic value 0-255) input into particular pre-set field.

Use midi or DMX to control pre-set values live - OMG !!! this would allow you to play a pre-set like an instrument it would would be so orgasmicly cool

BPM (Beats Per Minute) variable in presets - Two parts
TAP TAP TAP key to establish BPM
trigger event off BPB 1-2-3 BAM /1-2-3-BAM (graphic effect / colour change / shader change what ever

i have made amazing visuals mashing pre-sets live and bouncing through shaders / wave forms ETC

- The ability to reverse the visual (surely we can dump this stuff into a buffer) bouncing stuff back and forwards to the beat can be ultra effective we only really need a 15 second window even less (treating this as a BPM thing all sorts of effects can be had loop ETC)

- support 3 D space
- Support VR
- proper audio spectrum input not just bass treb high (able to tie effect to specific frequency / frequency range

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