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BPM (Beats Per Minute) variable in presets - Two parts
TAP TAP TAP key to establish BPM
trigger event off BPB 1-2-3 BAM /1-2-3-BAM (graphic effect / colour change / shader change what ever
If the beat rate is known within certain bounds, it is quite possible to autodetect it and sometimes also the underlying measure (1-2-3- BAM). Say if a DJ plays music at a constant BPM rate within 140...160 BPM for instance, and the preset is adjusted to that, precise beat detection can be done quite reliably. I tried a number of schemes in some of my presets; the main problem is usually that they have to work with all sorts of music so I cannot tune them to 140-160 BPM. The algorithm therefore needs to cope with anything in the range say 40...200 BPM, and will easily trigger on 1/2, 2/3, 2/1 or 4/1 of the beat, or jump between these.

- proper audio spectrum input not just bass treb high (able to tie effect to specific frequency / frequency range
This is actually possible since the introduction of ns-eel language extension, the raw audio data and spectrum can be obtained from the waves section with high reasonably high resolution.
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