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Now I want to come back here. My .txt-files from Post #7 are a little bit outdated now. I had worked on my instructions, edited them a little bit, also I had added 6 new sprites. I want to mention my sprites.

I was busy again. Yesterday I made new preset edits via the right-click on the icon, this time also with presets by Flexi. And late in the evening I had to update My List Of Skins And Presets, after I was ready and closed Winamp. Many presets in my list are experimental presets, and many of them are unedited, they are good for the frequency in my own private performance.

"planetmap" is just another idea. If the images really show the map of a planet and if they have the exact proportions of 18:9, then these are the right textures for a few presets, which work exactly with that. You will be suprised, if You do the Google Image Search for "planet map" and "planetmap". "planetmapsolarsystem...", "planetmapfantasy...", then the name of the planet or a number, beginning with 0001. I have many ideas for new presets, which access from the maps (also randomly from the subsets). But maybe also very new presets will come out in the future, which are independent from textures and show new strange worlds. We have some similar presets already. And in Post #5 I have mentioned the Terragen Animations and Apophysis Animations. Also one of the new Space Night Videos in one of my YouTube-Playlists is very impressive and maybe good for new inspirations...

Currently I have 9304 presets in the presets folder and 3284 textures in the textures folder, and I use 430 desktop wallpapers, also I have 2609 skins in the skins folder. On my PC my Winamp folder has now 1.78 GB (on my notebook 1.77 GB). I had thought, Komodo Vanguard & Komodo Touchscreen would be cPro Skins, and they come below from cPro - KAO. I can choose one of the skins. And for the random textures I have made a wide spectrum of images, which show especially nature & landscapes, and I cannot get bored...

Maybe I should mention again, that I am Sabine Klare and not Sabine Klane. In July 2013 in the service shop they had named my PC wrongly...
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