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you can run MD in VJ mode, and via this set the preset directory, by naming you presets in numerical you can have them run in a predefined order, stop auto advance ETC there is also a load function where you can scroll down list to desired preset and launch by hitting enter

big news for me recently is the addition of SPOUT mod of the MD dll which allows MD content to be sucked directly in to ARKAOS RESOLUME Modula8 etc in a PC environment

Originally Posted by Jack Kramer View Post
I am professional lighting designer and milkdrop combined with audio input can already be useful tool, but currently when it is as far as I know impossible to preload presets to be used as cues for songs.. well little unsuitable for anything else than disco at the moment.

If milkdrop 3 would be under developement then definedly one feature i would definedly want to have in it is ability to playback presets as cues.

just like the plugin is now, just a way to to launch a specific preset via midi or dmx or something...

second thing i definedly would want it to have is virtual intensity master, controllable by midi.

so in short.. developing milkdrop to be little more professional tool-like.. i guess?

.. yeah im cheap for not wanting to spend minium of 5k to buy a proper mediaserver, which wont do exacly what i want either, but is atleast controllable.
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