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The new Bento skin is great and full of features!

Things I really liked about this beta...
1. The multi-purpose pane which shows info for the file & also visualisations, color themes, EQ etc.
2. The expanding & shrinking nature of the notifier.
3. Expandable & collapsible PL.
4. Finally 'Maximize' button in Winamp!

However I would like to point out a few things here...
1. The songticker scroll seems discontinuous in both Modern & Bento skins, unlike upto 5.36 beta 2. I wish its continuous till 5.5 final.
2. The reflections for the spectrum analyzer is hardly visible, may be it needs some more space at the bottom.
3. The Prefs -> Media library -> (last item) still shows blank display text...
4. When I move the mouse pointer over ML scrollbars, the scrollbar flickers. I don't know if this is specific for me since I'm using a skin for my WindowsXP.

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