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Originally posted by DJ Egg

We were worried at first, until your 2nd post.
Hmmm, do you maybe have iTunes installed and open at the same time?
If not, then what file format are the files?
Are they in a compatible format, or do they need to be transcoded?
Are all the tags filled in (Artist, Album, Title, etc)
If mp3, have you tried testing them with eg. EncSpot or MP3Utility to see if there's any corruption?
Any other detailed info you can provide might help, including links to sample files...
All the tags are filled in they are VBR MP3's that worked fine on the ipod when I had 5.35, they were working fine until I installed 5.5 and deleted one of them to test to see if it would still crash then that whole album stopped playing.. I did not have itunes open at the same time, I even formatted the ipod with iTunes made sure it was closed re-added everything and those songs via winamp still do not play on the ipod, the strange thing is I can plug in the ipod and play them from the ipod via winamp. I just installed encspot How do I check for corruption? from what I see I don't think it is corrupted.
Here's encspot showing the mp3's in question

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