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Update in_opus v0.888

This is again a recomended update because it fixes a major interferance bug that might prevent other plugins to load URL streams.

* NEW: Error message will be displayed in the PL when a stram is offline, invalid, has a bad header, etc.

* NEW: Added Shoutcast/Icecast server info in the info dialog Box (Alt+3). In addition proper error will be displayed in the playlist when a radio stream is offline or if it is not an opus stream.

* NEW: Added TARGET_LUFS config variable so that you can decide the target loudness at which to play opus files when RG info is available and RG is enabled.

* NEW: the plugin will also read the in_opus.ini config file in the plugin directory prior to the winamp.ini. If you write options in both files, the ones in winamp.ini will dominate when the concerned option is the same, otherwise all parameters will be read.

* FIXED: now the plugin should no longer risk to interact with other radio streams that he cannot handle. This implies that if the url does not end with .opus the plugin will not try to load the url.

NOTE: If you have an opus stream that does not end with .opus, append the string ">.opus" or "?.opus" at the end of URL in order to force in_opus to load it.
eg: is actually an opus
stream even though it ends with .ogg (like ogg vorbis file)
use:>.opus to play it.

In the rare case a radio streams ends with .opus but is not an opus stream,
add "?.mp3" or "?.aac" to avoid in_opus try and open it.
eg: is actually an aac stream,
use: to play it
eg2: actually an ogg stream
use: to play it
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