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Export/Import ratings data to id3v2

Heres a quick utility which exports and imports ratings data from the POPM frame of an ID3v2 tag. Great for moving mp3s around the place without losing rating information. It is also compatible with Mexp's rating system, so you can effectively import and export to that. It will also eventually export/import playcount data too, it is quite easy to add.

Its a little rough around the edges but seems to work ok so far. It of course only works with mp3s at the moment.

It will also make winamp treat all files which were exported as being 'new items', as they have a new file date. This should be easy to fix, but at the moment that is the way it behaves.

I am not sure how well it works with regards to files with and without id3v2 tags, different versions etc. It uses the id3lib which doesnt seem to have much error checking with regards to correctly formatted mp3s or other media.

Eventually I will make it a lot faster using multithreading, and it will have some neat 'sync' options to avoid writing tags that are already up to date. Plus it will eventually automatically update new ratings for mp3s rated using toaster and the like.

I wouldnt expect this to work too well with win95/98/ME or other excuses for an OS, but feel free to try.


As it re-writes mp3s with new header info, you should be careful when using this. Don't say you werent warned, I dont want to hear about your lost mp3 collections :P

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