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M3U playlists on Motorola Droid

Hey everyone. I've searched Google, this forum, and various Droid forums.

I'm having issues with getting playlists working correctly on the Droid.

First, I'm going to premise by saying I cannot find any information about how the Droid handles playlists from within various music apps. They seem to get hidden away in a file somewhere that even rooted users (such as myself) cannot find. Well, it's not it's own file, which is why we can't find it. Droid also scans all media on card periodically.

But before I get ahead of myself:

I have a large media library. Bigger than any microSD card currently in production will handle.

So I've been using ml_ipod to sync my iPod.

When you mount the sd card through the droid to the PC, it shows up as a drive. Yay. Stock plugin handles that I believe.

I have used AutoFill on the device before, even setting it up so the tranferred files are in sdcard/Music/

So I decided I wanted to keep the Droid synced with new stuff I've downloaded, as well as the random songs thrown in by Autofill.

I went to my New stuff smart playlist, right clicked, send to: _mounted_sdcard_

I wait for it to transfer stuff.

Now, when I open the playlist (used stock 2.1 player, btunes) in an app, the new stuff only shows like the first 11 entries.

I did a whole bunch of stuff so I can't tell you every step because I almost don't even remember. I'll tell you where my memory left off:

I looked at the m3u file. All the directory's were listed as if they were on my PC. So I used Notepad++ to find and replace all " D:\ " with " \sdcard\" so it would say \sdcard\Music\_etc_

(However, due to the Droid scanning the whole card, somebody said on another forum that the paths shouldn't matter).

I then tried changing it to just " \Music\...\...\ "

Still no luck.

I tried another app called Just Playlists which is specifically for m3u's. It gives me an error showing me the path. The path it's reporting (even though that's NOT what it says in the .m3u file) is:

Error: Music file '/sdcard/Music/D:/Music/.../... ' So what the hell? Why is my PC drive path still in there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! In return, I may be of some help to those of you using Cyanogenmod for Droid
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