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After additional research, I think I know what the problem is:

When the music gets loaded to the Droid, most of the files underwent a slight change in the pathname somewhere. I'm going to assume the Droid made these changes when it scanned the media. I can't say for sure. Wish someone knew. Is it the Droid or is it Winamp?

- Some new albums I downloaded had [year] as part of the folder name. Those brackets are gone.
- A lot of files in the m3u playlist listed as: ' ## songtitle.mp3 ' had dashes inserted between the ## and songtitle.mp3

I know Winamp 'uses CD rip settings' when copying songs from device to PC, maybe it's causing problems going the other way.

Maybe there's a setting buried deep within the massive preferences of Winamp that want's to structure directories a certain way. May be necessary with iPod, but I'll have to see if I can disable it on USB devices.
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