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Extremely Slow Sync

I have searched on these forums but have only discovered one other person who has expressed that syncing to their phone is extremely slow (and that was several months back). I have a Dinc and I'm syncing ~450 songs to my phone from Winamp. It is taking 60-90 minutes. This seems outlandishly long to me. If this is consistent, I'm afraid it'll be a deal-breaker for me. Are there any settings I can check/change or diagnostic tools I can use to try to discover the source of my problem.

For what it's worth, the delay doesn't seem to be the transfer itself (~5 seconds), but there appears to be a lag between the finishing of one song (Done) and the starting of the next transfer (where it says Starting Transfer). This lag is about 15 seconds.

I am running Winamp 5.601 on Vista w/ quad-core 2 machine with 6 GB of RAM.

I'm also wondering if subsequent syncs include only changes to my playlists or if it syncs ALL songs again. I certainly can't wait like this every time.

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