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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
It'll be because we embed the album art on usb transfers (pmp_android),
so the delay will be occurring whilst it's embedding the art into every file....
whereas we just copy over one external %album%.jpg file per album with wifi transfers.
Doh, didn't even think. I always use wifi, I changed methods just for this one huge sync and later never thought to try the wifi.

Maybe 'embed art' should be an option instead, and off by default....?
Sounds perfect to me.

I will bring this thread to the relevant devs' attention tomorrow.
Very cool, thanks DJ! Winamp has been my #1 for a LONG time (a lot of free years at first!) and I'm a developer too so I shouldn't be so whiny.

I think I was offended because my first workaround was to taint my machine with *cough* Windows Media Player 12 *cough* only to discover (the hard way) that it syncs the .mp3s, but will not send your actual bleeping playlists to the phone! Manually moving the playlists fails because Media Player changes the folder structure when it writes the mp3s to the phone! Can't manage music on the phone with no bleeping playlists.
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