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Originally posted by zootm
Wow, I guess because one of their sound guys used a cracked version of software, Microsoft should change their whole stance on people pirating their software! I had forgotten about their company-wide policy of pirating software!

Wait, they don't have one? What?

Seriously, that's an ironic tidbit, if anything. It's not any sort of sensible indictment of Microsoft, and it'd be foolish to think so.
Not the point though zoot - you can't on one hand say one thing and then do another. maybe it might be just that one set of files (Though as we all know with MS - It's not). They are the ones creating hell over this kind of stuff and then they go and do it themselves?

@ Phyltyre - You already can do that - get the error code - pop it in google and the results (generally first in the page) will be by microsoft giving you the details on what is wrong..

@ Twilightseer - I've had a beta of vista installed and also briefly looked over the first release and apart from extar graphics etc there is not that much difference between XP and vista, though I did read that the kernel is also to be changed in Vista SP1 to a completely new one (6.01?).

That said it is not as secure as they make out. All they've done is make it near on impossible to use anything. That security advisor is about the most stupidest thing I have seen them do yet. It's like when you try deleting something they ask you a million times if your sure you want to do that (Ok exaggeration I know) but everytime you go to use a program near enough?

Also one thing I have a major beef about is Windows Live Center (Which is garbage) and there security center. I know when it is installed that it removes AVG Anti Virus or other proprietary AV solutions. That is just wrong - If I chose to want AVG and use it then they should configure there software to allow that.. again a case of MS trying to monopolise every thing and I have more trust in AVG protection than I would ever have in any security software issued by MS.

Seriously though Vista is nothing special - a few extra graphics which could have easily been added to XP via a service pack and a few very annoying features which most switch off. Every new computer I have sold this year with Vista on, within days I have been requested by the new owner to come and either put XP home or Pro on there machine or remove that stupid annoying security advisor. 2 people I nearly had to refund them due it!

nope I don't rate Vista at all and MS saying they are going to stop selling Xp beginning of next year is using 'Force' to get people to switch... I think the choice of what you want to use should be yours and not at the behest of some conglomerate..

Don't think though much will come of it though for MS it's an issue that will not go away...

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