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Originally posted by xzxzzx

Every complaint I've ever heard about Vista has been either patently false or the result of a misunderstanding on the part of the complainer, with the one exception of UAC.

And the exception of the price, the DRM stuff, the fact that its not much different than XP.

A lot of people are not buying Vista right away for a ton of reasons. For gamers, its the lack of compatible games and the minor impact on game performance. For many its because its expensive. For business, its because their software isn't compatible yet. For security concerned, its because SP1 isn't here yet. For the rest its either wait and see or because their hardware would need an upgrade.

My system got a 4.7 on the Vista scale in Beta 2(its probably on a different scale now) and I can buy Vista and put it on this machine. But I see no reason to upgrade to Vista yet. It could be for games later on, but I still need a DX10 card. Not to mention that it could cost me a bit to get unless I go OEM version. So its either buy Vista which I have a minor interest in or use that money for something better. Factor that in to a ton of other people and its easily one of the many big reasons why Vista sales are suffering.
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