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I think that Vista is actually a substantial upgrade, specifically for crash reasons. Why? Because (in nearly every instance) it tells you what crashed, then looks online for what caused the error. It tells you if the problem comes from an outdated program, or Windows itself. And then it directs you either to an online article detailing possible solutions, or to the online support/forums of the offending program.
Nonsense, Windows XP SP2 does the exact same thing, and besides that, Everything that vista does MAC OS X DOES BETTER. Bill Gates will just hide under his desk when conflicts about the two operating systems rises to the top of the apple vs. windows battle.

It doesn't stutter, shimmy, fart and crash near as much as XP. Hell, I thought I was using a Mac
It's true, i have seen a lot more system hangs on new installs XP then i have vista, but vista takes like fifteen minutes to boot up on average as opposed to my P3 733mhz XP's ten seconds to boot (including HDD checks and memory counting)
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