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Originally posted by Omega X
But I did a Pricegrabber search and found the genuine HP Vista upgrade for about $100 with free shipping. No Joke.
I bought the Home Basic upgrade for $100 at Costco. It doesn't have the 3d desktop, but I didn't figure that was worth $50. I'm using it on a 4800 X2 with a gig of ram.

XP hardly ever crashed, stuttered, shimmied or farted for me.
Me either, except for a few things. With really intensive apps (like encoding video), XP will stutter and pause while you're typing. Vista doesn't. Another time XP likes to stagger is when you are reading/burning a DVD/CD.

Also, I can now burn 2 DVD's at once. XP won't. Worse, if you try, it makes coasters.

I think if they'res one real selling point on this OS, it's the improvement in multitasking. Much smoother... and the new protected memory scheme makes it less likely to crash as well.

My PVR box is running XP,. It crashes and reboots at least daily. I don't think Vista would.

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