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Originally posted by shakey_snake
There are so many things, though, that nobody needs for a home PC that tiny their negligible costs add up to being somewhat significant.
I really disagree with this; I'm sure there's one or two services which take a disproportionate amount of resource, but with the exception of those the smaller ones really aren't going to have a noticeable cumulative effect.

Originally posted by shakey_snake
One thing about Vista that actually interests me is whether or not they have finally packaged the different features correctly for the different versions.

I mean, with XP, everyone with a laptop is recommended to use Pro; why even fucking bother with the different version then?
The new versions are sorted more by "marketing" feature set than previously, and since they put a lot of work into working out the cross-dependencies of things, things like the "laptop" situation at least shouldn't be a problem. Everything other than "Ultimate" has a limited feature set compared to its alternatives (it's not like XP where Home is strictly worse than Pro; Vista Home Premium has features that Vista Business/Enterprise does not, and vice versa).

That said, in terms of the services, I'm not sure they have a good reason to disable all that many of them. They add OS features that may be required or desired by both OS apps and third-party apps, and don't cause any problems.

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