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Originally posted by Smeggle
As for the second part no I'm not calling anyone an idiot or liar. What I am saying though is that they are misunderstanding a fundamental part of Vista and that it as yet does not have a new kernel. As I said that won't be addressed until server 2008 is released. At the moment it still uses the basic core of XP and then other new software/features have been built onto/added to that.
This paragraph is pretty wrong. It's using an updated version of the same kernel as XP, and Server 2008 will too. Also, there is very little wrong with that kernel, which is why there isn't anything to be "addressed" here.

Originally posted by Smeggle
What is more concerning though is the power that the E.U.L.A. now gives to Microsoft. I first suspected this during checking out over recent months there automatic updates. Windows defender was being offered as an Update and really it should not be as it is not technically an update.
Windows Defender is a constituent part of Vista, and as such its updates should be available through Windows Update.

Originally posted by Smeggle
So I select to ignore that update and not remind me or show me again. So the next month what happens? So it appears again and again I refuse it - this happened two or three months in a row and so I decide I'm gonna have a look. After download I looked over the E.U.L.A and by installing I would give Microsoft arbitrary rights to remove any thing they deam to be a risk to my system, including third party security software.
You're going to feel silly when you read the EULA for the "third party security software" and find it has the exact same clause. This is a risk that comes with security software and companies need to protect themselves against litigation.

If they removed something that you didn't want them to, they'd still need to be able to explain why it was seen as a threat, so I really wouldn't worry. This is paranoia.

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