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Why do most people in the world have Windows on their computer? Why are 85% of the applications in the world programmed for Windows (let it be Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2k, XP, 2k3 or even Windows Embedded CE)? All applications are first devoloped for Windows and then ported to Linux..
Windows 9x, Me are Operating Systems? From when?? Ever heard about the BSOD's, hangups, cold reboots etc required by these pieces of CRAP? Head over and check out the security issues involving Windows 2K,XP,2K3 and tell me if these so called OS's with a 'decent' kernel as u mentioned are worthy enough to be compared with GNU/Linux. Btw are u using a pirated copy of Windows? Don't worry I wont be suprised if u are..98% of Windblows software is pirated in India. Add to that Office, Anti-virus, Graphics editing, Visual Studio, Games, System tools etc etc...So much for ur 85% of proprietary junk.

Havent you guys heard of the Windows Longhorn OS.. I'm sure WinFS, Avalon & Indigo of Longhorn can very easily beat up Linux/Unix... Longhorn is 64bit/32bit compatible ..
Yes, I've heard about Windows Longhorn, looks to be very interesting with the big clock taking up half the space on the desktop. Oh! and how can I forget the cool Digital Rights Management feature u will enjoy. How much of productivity can u get out by turning windows upside down??? lol

Linux's so-called "Gnome" is no match for Avalon or even for WinXP's GUI
Atleast its original and not a rip off from Apple! Damm, they've even ripped the concept of the start button...

You like Linux.... KEEP IT THAT WAY ... Unless you want a 12 year old to show you what your missing ....
Yes, I'd love to know what I'm missing.

Newayz I like Windows... I program in Windowz, on Windowz and for Windows and I'm goin to keep it that way...
Who the hell cares about that? U r the one who started trolling...

Yeah Windows does have some holes and bloopers that even i'm not too happy bout but overall WINDOWS ROCKS!
No, Windows does not rock! The kids who use it, think it does..worse than a leaking bucket which can never be plugged..
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