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I doubt having a value for BPM is all that useful, however producing a value that goes smoothly from 0->1->2->etc as the beat progresses is amazingly handy, and that can hopefully be derived once you know BPM.

Maybe not so much for milkdrop, but think of visuals where things have to blend together. Maybe a Point Morph, or a dancer. Having that value allows you to blend smoothly between objects (or poses), timed perfectly to the beat. It makes a hell of a difference.

I'll have a closer look at the article when i get some time. It looks quite useful. One method thats come to me recently and that i'll try out shortly is matching of the sound spectrum.

If you look at the voiceprint in the WinAmp tiny fullscreen plugin, you see that on beats there are clearly the same parts being repeated. The idea is basically to store a low-res version of this, and just compare the last 2 seconds of sound each frame. A high correlation = the beat being repeated.
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