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Ok, you may use the stuff out of the pack I posted ages ago.
It contains some coll presets as well as a load of crap I recently trashed.

I guess some of those are exactly what youre looking for.

Some review comments for proof:

Originally posted by Phaze1987
GAMMATRIX-those colors suck offence but its ugly.
HYPNOTIC TUNNEL-sorry to say this but its awful!my eyes feel like crap after fullscreen with that preset...
OVERLOAD1-yack! that effect is blinding me and my cat !
ROTORIX-auch! hurts like shit!
TRANSWARP-double auch ! after writing and viewing presets for 40 minutes this is a pain in the ass
Originally posted by Raz
OVERLOAD1 - no offence, but this is awful. its flashy and bright and irritating and has bugs in it. get rid of the stars and add a scope, stop the flashing and change the DM so it dosent make those squares, agh i really dont like this 1.6/5.0
HYPNOTIC TUNNEL - meh, again with the same colours but it looks way to grainy, i would smoothen it out and make the scopes into something different. This is essentially, a very very noob preset. Also dont use roto blitters like that. 2.0/5.0
LIGHTFORMING - this also has been done waaay too many times. the blue is too bright for my taste and it looks too grainy. 2.6/5.0
PHSYCOPOD - meh, grainy, sunburster, noob colours. i like that cirles effect though, put it onto something better. change the colours and get rid of that god forsaken sunburster. 2.0/5.0
ROTORIX - gah, my eyes!!! it burns.. it buhuhurns!!! change it so its not so grainy and chaotic. Make the colours less bright and make it change direction, also try and make it so you cant see those ugly lines you get with a roto blitter at the edges where its rotating. 2.2/5.0

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