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collapsed playlist font bug in 5.2

See the attached image as an example.
The classic and Aqua_X skins are shown.

In 5.13, the Aqua_X font looks smaller than the Classic, so I'm assuming the skin has the ability to control the collapsed playlist font.

In 5.2, Classic and Aqua_X have the same font, and the size seems to be the default (larger) size used in other panels.

Based on this, I'm assuming 5.2 is ignoring the skins font settings for the collapsed playlist. This should be fixed as it creates obvious visual blemishes.

If you scrutinize the Classic skin, you'll notice the time bleeds into the grey panel... it's just harder to see since it's black on grey.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
This is a feature change, not a bug, and was required to support international characters. To return to the old bitmapped font, checkmark "use skinned font..." in Prefs > Skins > Classic Skins
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