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@ Sarge - I liked your shots of the dam wall and cats. I need to get myself a pair of cats like that to keep the neighbor dogs from opening the garbage can on garbage night.

@ EfaustuS9 - Renee (fiancee) uses a Canon A540 like the one you linked to, but the specs in the book are slightly different than the ones reported in the review. It's a great camera for her, although I wish it had some kind of stablization/vibration reduction feature. We have to take 3 pictures of each low light object to ensure that at least one doesn't turn out blurry when seen on print or onscreen. A tripod and short timer takes away this problem, but it's a hassle to use all the time, especially at a museum/sight seeing-building while in a moving line of people.

There's a model just above that with the number 700 in it - has everything the A540 has, but adds the vibration reducation, is smaller, and has a more see-able screen when there's too much light outside to see other cameras' screens. But it lacks AA battery use and instead uses $38 rectangular batteries, and you must have a backup or you might get stuck without picture taking ability.

By the way, what ever happened to Minolta? I have a couple old 35mm XLR bodies and lenses that have been damn good for my grandparents, parents, and now me. Did Minolta just fall off the face of the planet?

Don't get me wrong, I love Nikon and Canon, but I miss Minolta.

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