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You must be using some DSP/Effect plugin with winamp 5.572, do you? Most likely the double resampling happens. Bad bad thing. In real life you do not need anything except input and output plugins.
Pardon me, you are using SRS Audio Sandbox, right? Then it is not friendly for MAIKO v0.05 in terms of quality as was for MAIKO v0.03. Working on the issue.
Second, you are equipped with sound blaster live 24 bit, yes? You are my client then, the shared mode is a must for your card Set the shared mode to "24bit, 48000hz (Studio Quality)", disable the SRS plugin and you will be fine

The maiko still the early beta because:

for a v0.04 - 0.05 versions, if the input sample rate is equal to the output sample rate then it may have some quality issues in the corner cases. Working on the patch but this is not the easy thing because the qualitative processing is so complicated and have the lot of adaptive alternative pathes. For me the direct copy is the processing too and it should fit well into plugin design. The v0.03 had no issues with such copies but it had the issues with the buffering so the whole processor was rewritten... i'm working on the special cases quality issues now. At least it work for you and i'm happy about it.
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