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Originally Posted by nradisch View Post
Entries in the calendar file can have durations. This allows sc_trans to "expire" the
event. If you do not specify a duration the event remains active until all the elements in the event are played.

Right, I will test it!

Originally Posted by nradisch View Post
That doesn't surprise me. Both sc_trans and sc_serv do a lot of time sensitive operations and use the system time as a reference. Changing the system time while the applications are running can cause all sorts of problems. For example, if you move the clock backwards an hour, sc_trans will stop transmitting for an hour since the bitrate calculations will now indicate that no bits need to be transmitted (or negative bits, which results in the same behavior).

Like I posted before, station started to send bits again 10mins later.. They seem to be 10mins moved backwards in the clock.

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