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frank rabbit
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Problems with the new version of winamp 1.3.1 for android. im using a sony xperia ray with android 2.3.4

crashing. winamp crashes every time the screen switches to landscape and then i try to switch back to portrait. every time. this only occurs when music is actually playing. my biggest annoyance with this is the problem has been occuring for every version winamp has put out. i have filed bug reports through winamp itself etc and again for this version but still no fix. its been about a year now.

album art rendering. album art rendering with this new version is now slow. everytime i open my album list or song list the embedded artwork takes an age to load up. the album art now appears in my android gallery so im guessing something has been changed, however it has to load the album art everytime. this is not a good user experience for me. the album art also now seems to be of a lower quality as if its not rendring properly. in past versions it was crisp.

I dont seem to have any problems other than those two, but im sorry those are pretty major problems.

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