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Hi SilverBird775,

Further observations on version 0.52.

When the exclusive mode "Free device when idle" option is not checked the output delay for the finest samplerate converter is 4 or 5 seconds less on my system, but the matrix mixer changes are not saved even in exclusive mode. A restart reverts to the automatic mixer setup.

Once the balance and delays controls are working, changing the matrix mix will hopefully not be necessary. I only do it now for 'room corrections'.

I don't mind the output delay in exchange for a better samplerate converter, but others might. Do you think you can significantly shorten the delay?

As you know, the 'Loudness War' predates digital music and I don't think the music industry is going to stop it any time soon. Thanx again for the info provided in your last post. Anyway, I now prefer the sound of your plug-in's adaptive exclusive mode (with upsampling & upmixing) when I'm focused on listening to my music. It is 'sharper' and a little more detailed. It's also nice to have the option of having the output match the input for hearing what the studio intended. Shared mode (with upsampling & upmixing) is great for background listening, when I'm focused on other tasks. I'm now content with waiting a while longer on upgrading my soundcard and speakers. Thanks to you, I no longer need "Matrix Mixer" and I can bypass the Windows mixer too. I only lose crossfading, but with gapless output, that is not a big deal.

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