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@SilverBird775; Version 0.53 is working great on my system. Mixer changes are now retained in both exclusive and shared mode. What do you mean by "Resampler quality switch fixed" in the change log? That part seems to work the same for me, although it seems to take longer for the output to start (around 15 seconds).

@big_blue; Can you provide more details on your system? What did you select for device setup in Maiko? What other plug-ins are you using? Have you checked the WA volume level in WA and on the Balance tab in Maiko while in shared mode? It's easy to inadvertently change WA's volume with the mouse wheel. There is a plug-in to block that feature if you don't want mouse wheel volume control. Also, if using Vista or Win 7, check the Windows Volume Mixer's level for WA. It should not change by switching Maiko's modes, but it may have.

I don't understand your last question. Shared mode lets all apps have independent and simultaneous control of your sound subsystem.

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