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What do you mean by "Resampler quality switch fixed" in the change log?
CPU Exhaustive caching is using when the finest samplerate checkbox have a check mark. It's a trade off for either little bit more precise resampler or an instant start. Exhaustive precaching give an unpleasant pause every time the resampler changing it's lookup coefficients.

Also, if using Vista or Win 7, check the Windows Volume Mixer's level for WA. It should not change by switching Maiko's modes, but it may have.
I'd guess its a mute cause. The Maiko traybar icon context menu still reserve the spot for a mute checkmark (not working atm.) which is meant to be synhronized with a windows mixer panel. The windows shared mode mixer can mute any other application aside from a volume control. Volume control and mute have no relationship except they are both the standard attributes to any shared mode stream. You may set the volume knob to any position but if it's muted too it would have no effect then. Since the mute is not emulating for exclusive mode it does not matter what the actual mixer 'mute' checkmark readings are for a windows volume mixer.
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