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Works great.

Actually what I don't like about opus is that all input streams are first resampled to 48 kHz as every Opus file is always 48 kHz.

It is a good thing that the original sample rate is displayed in File info, but in Winamp itself it is always indicated as 48 kHz. Is there any way to change this? I mean, is there any way to get the original stream out of an Opus file without the means of resampling it back to its original sample rate after decoding the 48 kHz Opus core? (Which would be even worse)...

I also wondered why the plugin's DLL is so big which causes a longer load time when running Winamp from a (slow) flash drive...

I also have another suggestion: It would be fine to support Album Art for Opus!
This is also specified already, it's just a BASE64 blob which is stored in a text field named "metadata_block_picture". See example file:

@Winamp Dev team: Are there any plans to include the Opus plugin (or another one) in one of the next Releases "officially"?

Thank for all your great work!!

Best regards,
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