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That my friend is True Album Rock but modern version of it. There are other Indie Progressive Rock bands I play as well. Many folks don't even know of their existence because of the fact commercial Radio (Most not all there are a few terrestrial Album Rock Stations) have cut the public off of this type of music.

Yes I too apologize for taking my anger out on the forums because I was P'd off at AOL's decision to kill Shoutcast and Winamp. I do realize you all have jobs and can't breach your contracts by disclosing something as to rather or not Shoutcast is being bought out by X or Y company. So I ranted and threw a fit. Like I said I do like Shoutcast because its easy to set up a server or use a stream host and I am sure you all would like to scream at the sheer notion of killing Shoutcast.

And just for the like thanks for making V2.2x more like V1 as far as ease of operation and making the auth hash more in the background allowing us users to concentrate on what really matters OUR STATIONS!! I do know for a while I was impatient with V2.x but again I may decide to come back to Shoutcast and experiment I'm just gonna sit on the sidelines and see what actually becomes of Shoutcast and the YP directory.

We all need to stick together and not do these things as I know I have that Prog Rocker attitude but this time maybe I should have been more patient with all of this but fear turned to rage and rage turned to making dumb mistakes on my part. It takes a bigger man to admit when he truly F'd up and in this case I did so. I'm sure some of you programmers are in line with some of my thinking but you can't say that or you would lose your jobs.

Really I did mean it when I said Merry Christmas its a damn computer program not the end of the world and even if it did go down someone will pick up the pieces and re build. Just hate to see it die without a fight so I was trying to make people fight for Shoutcast's survival and not go down whimpering.

Really... Best regards to all and I'll try and behave from now on.


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