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Originally Posted by Dr. Masturbanti View Post
Eeeh.... id3v1 and v2, if that is what you are asking, but artwork is on a standalone bar.

If that is not something you can see in "Rmouse button on song/ View file info," where can you check it?
I don't think winamp reports id3 sub ver type. mp3tag does. mp3tag is really good for fixing these kinds of issues.

id3v2.2, id3v2.3, and id3v2.4 are the main v2 types.

another app, mp3val, can also spot and fix problems.

I'd also be interested in seeing an example file. it sounds like your images are embedded in the file, not just standing alone in the folder, is this correct? (image files can sometimes be hidden in folders, and/or marked as system files)

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