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Originally Posted by swingdjted View Post
I took a couple pics of a poured beer beside it's empty bottle with and without flash. I don't seem to have to be careful like I used to when it comes to nasty flash reflection off the glass, bottle, bottle cap, and glossy label. It's minimal. Is there something I can rig to minimize it further? Maybe make a wire frame for a bedsheet or facial tissue to make the flash softer? The camera will be used a lot for product photography.
Build your own lightbox.
Originally Posted by swingdjted View Post
I'm still in the market for maybe a filter or two. What filters would I need that this camera lacks internally? Polarizer? Also, is there a filter that acts like sunglasses so that I can use a slower shutter speed (or open shutter for waterfalls)? This thing is labeled as a 62mm fitting for screw-ons. Any suggestions?
A polarizer for outdoor shooting and reducing reflections, with some trial and error to find the right setting it might even help with flash shots as above. It cuts light by 1-2 stops but that probably won't be enough for those cliche waterfall pics or shooting wide open in full sunlight, for those purposes you'll need an nd (neutral density) filter (or even more than one since eg. 3 stops may be too weak and 10 too strong). Btw, strong nd filters generally have to be used with custom white balance since they cause a red tint in the image (except these that have just been announced apparently, which are pretty expensive though and usually adjusting wb works well enough).

Good filters aren't cheap (the most expensive ones aren't necessarily great either though), but unless damaged they'll outlive several cameras so I'd still go with high quality ones, especially for the polarizer (some reviews here and here). Just hope your next camera won't have a larger filter diameter (smaller is no problem, step up rings are cheap).

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