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I sent this email today, to the editor of a local newspaper, complete with a 6-page Word doc attachment in which I spelled out each and every perceived error, as well as my proposed solutions to those errors. I wonder what will come of this.


I write to you with a proposition in mind: that I might proofread the XXXXX Times each week, prior to the Times going to print.

The Times often contains numerous errors in spelling, punctuation, formatting, phrasing and simple typing. Being a local – I have owned my own home at XXXXX since 2008 – I am keen to see the Times continue its tradition of providing local news for the XXXXX region. I believe that proofreading the Times – improving the quality of its written content – will help to ensure its continued publication into the future.

I have taken the liberty of proofreading last week's edition of the Times; my notes are attached to this email. I would appreciate you taking the time to look over these notes so as to fully understand the scale of the perceived problem, and to appreciate the requirement for a solution to be found.

Moving forward, I propose that a "final draft" version of the Times be sent to me each week, so that I might proofread and return it to you, corrected, prior to printing.

My review of last week's edition took approximately 4.5 hours, however for the sake of this initial review I did not include the Life and Times section on pages 26 to 28. Based on the quantity of written material in the Life and Times section, I estimate that my review of that section would add approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, bringing the total billable hours to between 6 and 6.5 hours. My fee for proofreading is $110 per hour, including GST. A typical weekly proofread would therefore cost approximately $660-$715 including GST. I would hope that the standard of your journalists' writing would improve with successive editions, especially if copies of this and future proofreads were made available to them. This would naturally lead to subsequent weekly proofreads taking less and less time, thereby lowering the weekly cost.

I very much look forward to hearing back from you soon regarding this proposition; I believe it represents a great potential benefit to the Times and greatly improves the prospects for its continued publication into the future – in exchange for what I consider to be a negligible weekly financial outlay.


Doing this proofreading and typing up this email has kept me busy today, so much so that I haven't had time to critique today's web news articles.

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