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Originally Posted by Sabine Klare View Post
I have worked again on deviantART, updated again my latest journal and added also many favourites. I want to say again, that I have so many ideas for the users of desktop wallpapers, Winamp & Milkdrop, and I have reminded them a few times, that also they themselves can do their own creations. You will find also other tutorials than my own overview tutorial. I have read, that new stuff is wanted. Come, go outside into the nature with Your digital cameras and make Your own images of Nature & Landscapes without humans for Your Winamps, additional random textures, desktop wallpapers, Komodo backgrounds...

For a very long time I can stop by in the forums only rarely, because I am in the hospital now, but if there are questions, then I am sure, that also the other forums members can answer them. Fortunately I can sleep at home, but I had to realize, that I really feel very badly, more than I had thought before.

I am thinking of You all, and I will miss You...
Sabine, first of all, I am sorry to hear you are in hospital, hope you get back soon.

Then, I have an idea and I want to share it with you guys and see what do you think about it:

I am Gabi, the project lead/CTO of the project and I want to help relaunch the Winamp.

I am using Winamp since 1999 and I am a huge fan of it and now that I have found out that radionomy will revive it, I want to be a part of it.

What is Moodcoin you might ask.

If you had a nickel for everytime you put a smile on someone’s face, well, that nickel would be a Mood Coin. Mood Coin is a way of saying thank you. It’s like baking a pie for a friendly neighbor. It is our community currency but we like to think is more than that. The fun part is that you can use these coins however you like, maybe buy one of our awesome to be t-shirts, or outside in the real world, or just keep them in your pocket for rainy days.

Moodcoin’s reputation reward system (MoodRep) is a reputation system that allows reputation to be built by changing people’s mood. The more reputable you are, the more moodcoins you will earn. Each time you will have a positive impact on someone’s mood, you will get a positive vote.

Therefore, on a weekly basis the platform assign 1000 MDC (moodcoins) for the first 10 users with the highest moodrep score
Example: Mike was able to “mood up” 300 users. So at the end of week he has a moodrep rating of 300.
Consequently the platform collects the top 10 scores in descending order (from highest score to lowest) then spread those 1000 MDC between users.

As for collaborating, I am thinking into mixing your experience with the idea of moodcoin and help revive the Winamp.

I am thinking on rewarding the first 5 million users on ( on the relaunch day) with a certain sum of Moodcoin- let's say 30 Moodcoin. They can use the coins to tip the best skin, or tip their favourite station, etc.

Another idea is implementing a plugin that registers for how long a user listen music with Winamp and simply reward that user with a certain amount of Moodcoins per hour.

If you find that this could help relaunch Winamp, please let me know, I am more than happy to discuss it.

I am currently working on a ICO (Initial Crowd Offering) program for Moodcoin where we can sell some Moodcoins at lower price so we can fund our project.

Thank you for reading this and I can only hope that we work this out

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