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Originally Posted by PeterK. View Post

I am a "visual type" Aminifu. You need to point to it so I see, understand and am able to give you a plausible answer. Okie Dokie?
Click on that image of my desktop in post #82 above. A larger version will open in a new browser tab. Click on that image and it will get even larger. Then use the scroll bars to move to where you can see the playlist editor window. Look at the bottom edge of the words in the buttons (e.g. ADD, REMOVE, SELECT, etc.).

On the actual skin, when you point to any of these buttons, the color of the text changes from black to white. When you point away the black text returns, but it is slightly above the underlying white text. The same thing happens with the symbols on the player controls.

It's a minor thing. If you still don't see what I'm talking about, don't worry about it.

Great job on the VU meters.

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