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Sorry for the long delay, been working a bit to post a (yet another) minor update of Star Forge.

Thank you for the reply, Victhor. I must admit that I haven't really checked out the different options of skins for winamp, but I must say, Victhor, those are some killer skins . I believe its true that nobody has appreciated my work more than myself. I've logged hundreds of hours watching various revisions of Star Forge, sometimes hours at a time. It might not be because its just that good for extended viewing, but because its my own work. But I do believe the preset is so dynamic that it can almost be viewed endlessly and still provide new patterns, and so its a preset like few others. Its just never the same except for the basic center circle and periphery structure.

Hakanh, thank you for the reply as well. I liked v14 as well but I'm just not seeing it being better than some of the changes in v15 imo, at least from a personal preference standpoint, except perhaps for the border which may not be meshing with the preset overall, so I've removed that in this update. I like the more textured look of v15; there's lots more and more defined detail and more varied overall patterns in the preset that can persist longer, even though its less smooth I think the tradeoff is worth it imo. Nevertheless, thanks very much for the informative feedback Hakanh!

Also, I doubt I'll be making any significant changes to the warp shader or comp shader for a while because I lack the skills for real programming and I would need to gather more code material from other presets, test, etc. to come up with an improvement. Thanks for the tips again, Hakanh!

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