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TV Addiction and how to stop it

we stay for long hours in the front of the tv and that the big mistake in our life because in our life there is too much things to do better than this
some people try hard to stop this addiction and in the following i will show you simple methods to stop TV addiction for you and for your family

1-Pick just one or two favorite shows to watch
That is very helpful since it provides more time to do other activities.

Furthermore, since you have chosen the shows, you know that they are of great value as well as precious entertainment.

You would also be more connected with real life; people and things

2-Find a healthy substitute
You can replace TV with other stuff like involving your family in a game night, an evening walk, a game of badminton, or anything that brings all of you together and brings happiness to your hearts.

3-Set a rule that you can’t watch TV if the sun is shining
Instead, you have to go for a walk, ride a bike, or get some other kind of healthy physical activity for at least an hour before you can turn on the tube.

4-Get outdoors every night
Go to parties, educational and cultural events or just do some sport like basketball, or maybe you can go on a trip at the weekend.
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