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You can try thinktink's companion plug-ins; X-Fade and NoFlush.

X-Fade can be configured to cross-fade and/or re-sample your input files to insure they all send the same sample rate, number of channels, and bit depth to your SHOUTCast DSP plug-in. It is an input plug-in that hooks into the processing chain after the appropriate input decoders and before anything else in the processing chain. X-Fade also includes a feature that lets you cross-fade the songs, but not the ads in a playlist.

NoFlush is an output plug-in that processes the output and chains to the final output plug-in selected in it's configuration option. It prevents the playback timing from being interrupted by Winamp and you won't get any pops or clicks or other audio artifacts if using X-Fade to cross-fade the next song.

The download link for the installer for the current versions of these plug-ins is in post #35 of this thread ( Read thinktink's other posts in this thread to better understand what these plug-ins do and how to use them.

My hope is that X-Fade's re-sampling (with or without what NoFlush does) may solve your problem.

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