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Scripts now run in a separate thread. This allows you to to lengthy operations such as connect to remote web sites or databases etc without locking up winamp. Note that lengthy operations within the Application object itself (basically all exposed methods) will still lockup winamp due to the way it is implemented. (in particular ml queries which take a long time). But when the script isn't 'inside' an exposed method winamp will still be responsive. (ie when calling methods on other objects or other execution which doesnt spend time in calls to the exposed methods).

Also fixes some mem leak issues with ml queries.

The quit method now quits when you call quit rather than just signalling that it should quit when the script is finished. Note there may be some occasions where it doesnt quit immediately and may continue executing for a couple more lines, so structure your code accordingly until its fixed.

Theres likely to be a few bugs but it seems to run ok so far.

@John Baker: That would probably require an event which fires on opening of new items. No such event exists yet.

You can however use this script:

SendMsg 273, 40029, 0
playlist.postmsg 273, 40212, 0

And assign it a hotkey or something. Then use this to open playlists. It sends the 'open file dialog' command to winamp, then the 'randomize playlist' to the playlist after the dialog is closed.
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