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Here it is 01:53 AM. I found a solution to the problem. I must admit, it has me a little worried, but at not very much. It appears that you have to delete temporary files from your browsers history. This is also known at "clearing the cache" files. It is important to point out that you do not need to delete them all. Just TEMPORARY files. The best way for IE users (Internet Explorer) is to open your browser to any page, even this one. Click TOOLS, Then, the FIRST OPTION should be "Delete Browsing History" A keyboard shortcut to do this is the commands Crtl+Shift+Del. Make sure "Preserve Favorites Website Data" is CHECKED and then also check mark "Temporary Internet Files" DO NOT CHECK ANYTHING ELSE. Or do so at your own risk. I noticed that after doing this and then opening a new tab, NOT A WINDOW and loading then searching for my station, then clicking "TUNE IN" the mini player works. Now, keep in mind, especially if you're port forwarding, YOU CAN NOT HEAR YOUR OWN STREAM! You won't. You will need another internet connection to do that. And by that I mean, you will need another access point that is in no way affiliated with your MAIN CONNECTION, i.e. If you have a Cable, DSL, Dial-UP, you will need to get on someone elses account or get another line installed. I know, I know, it sucks. But then again the same technology you mock, is the same technology you love when it works. Computers are not people. In a nutshell, Delete temporary cache, try your stream again. If it doesn't work, try rebooting- SHUT DOWN and Power on. Not the regular shutting down procedure. If you want to be super anal about it, Unplug your PC for 30 seconds after shutting it down, then push the power button, then make sure the power button is in the OFF position and plug your PC back in. Power it up. And try again. I know there is a lot of options here. Most you will never use. If you decide on those last steps, it is advised that you see the help of someone who is educated and can help you. I know it is upsetting to you that your stream is down at the moment. Time does fix some things. Take your time. Don't stress it and try to relax. If all the above fails, try starting your own thread. I know many of the tech support crew appreciate that, and they really do help you faster that way too.
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