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What experience do you have to back up that assertion? Hell, most of the time no one will even call a cop, much less intervene.

Cops only solve a little less than 2/3rds of murders in the US. I've called them on several occasions for burglary. How many times did they get my shit back?..... zero.

Another problem you have in this case is the amber alert. I'm sure everyone and their monkey was calling the cops with tips. It happened in the case here of Kyron Horman. So you call Johnny Law and you tell him you saw the asshole and the kid in a truck. I'm sure 500 other people did the same thing.

We don't know if this guy had a cell phone. I don't. So he pulls over, calls the cops and becomes just another one of the hundreds of sightings the cops dealt with that morning. All bogus.

I think what we have here is a guy that cared enough to act when he knew someone was in trouble. That's better than average. I hate to tell you, but overwhelming car wrecks are not fatal, even before commie busybodies decided we needed helmets and seat belts.

Stranger abductions of children are 40% fatal by comparison.

I don't understand how you could be critical of this guy or of anyone who sticks their neck out to save someones bacon.

If you look at some of the news reports, the cop who collared the gang banger expressed that it was the highlight of his career.

Why? Because shit like this usually doesn't have a happy ending. In the case of some serial killers and rapists, they sometimes have dozens of victims before they get caught. It's why I carry 12 pounds of locks on a 27lb bicycle.

In general terms, cops cut down crime by putting bad guys away. Really, I'm not even sure that works. That's a different argument. If you were counting on them for your personal safety or security, you're nuts.

You're probably right though, if I see you getting dragged into a car by your hair, I'll just order a beer and use the pay phone.


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